Transportation and logistics are deemed as the propellant of economic development of countries, in other words the countries are considered successful in commerce and trade process who benefit from effective substructures in transportation domain. Due to geopolitical and strategical situation, Iran also has had a distinctive situation from a long time ago in all domains of transportation and logistics including road, rail, sea and air section and this made highly important the essentiality of formation of active and effective institutions. 

Transportation and Logistics Federation of Iran (TLFI), as a super eminent institution consisting of several business associations and organizations, has been formed for the purpose of promoting the stand and role of private sector in economic development of the country, promoting entrepreneurship culture and team work spirit, reorganizing relevant affairs, exploiting the investment and production opportunities, exchange of knowledge and practical experiences of those involved individuals, exchanging idea and having close relation with member associations and organizations and provide them services such as updating for achieving legal objectives of development and defending legal claims, rights and interests of members.

Iran Chamber of Commerce, Industries, Mine and Agriculture (ICCIMA), as the parliament of private sector and in-charge of establishing, reorganizing and networking of economic institutions was established the Transportation and Logistics Federation of Iran (TLFI) and registering it under 458 dated Nov. 29, 2015 in ICCIMA as the parliament of private sector and economic consultant for the three branches of government in the Islamic Republic of Iran. 

This federation consists of Unions, Associations, Institutes, and Active Employer Formations in the domain of international road, air, marine, port, rail transportation and logistics, passenger transportation, aviation, Iran touring, customs, and relevant services and is active in all transportation section.

Objectives of Federation:

1-Promoting, developing and strengthening sprit of being integrated,
2- Benefiting from team working,
3- Reorganizing and improving members' business climate,
4- Promoting scientific and know-how-based management in member organizations,
5- Effective participation with all official organizations in all decision-making process related to the transportation, logistics and economics of country,
6- Effective assisting for the promotion of private sector and its positive role in national economics and culture,
7- Establishment of proper environment and atmosphere for collaboration and cooperation with the Government and endeavoring for decreasing tenure of Government in the field of transportation, logistics and economics,
8- Strengthening of investment security in transportation industry and developing it by private sector,
9- Implementation of constructive and sustainable engagement with the active member of commercial sector for the improving comprehensive development,
10- Culture making and assisting for promotion of society's conception on the effective role of private sector in strengthened and improvement of the country’s economic and common welfare. 
11- Assisting the amendment of rules and regulations in the transportation, logistics and economics section and eliminating of redundant business regulations.

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